Today’s Gig Workers are Gaining Confidence and Expanding Their Service Offerings

12 April, 2022

There’s an exciting evolution brewing within the growing gigs and services workforce, and it’s one that business owners and consumers are rejoicing over. At the onset of the gig economy, when traditional 9-to-5 workers started leaving reliable salaries behind in favor of the flexibility of working for themselves, they emerged as independent contractors with a specific skill set to offer. Today, those same workers have diversified their portfolios, branching out to provide related but different services—much to the joy of the businesses and individuals who genuinely appreciate their expertise and talents.

Gig economy trends show that when individuals enter the on-demand jobs and services workforce, they select a particular service area and focus intently on securing employment for that specific role. This is assumed to be what’s in their comfort zone as they enter unfamiliar territory and have yet to gain the confidence of making it on their own. They will perform this task or job daily for several months, building their reputation on their gig marketplace of choice and proving their worth in that particular area. However, after a certain amount of time has passed and they’ve established themselves as a reliable, go-to gig worker, they start to diversify their offerings and add related but different services.

For example, a social media expert who once exclusively wrote post captions and handed them off to the client for posting is now offering their writing expertise along with social media management services—where they post their content, interact with followers on behalf of their client, and establish a strategy for the company’s social media platform. An individual who offers cleaning services eventually adds home organization and professional office cleaning to their profile. Lawn maintenance professionals will expand to assist with more in line with a landscaper, such as seeding, hedge trimming, and mulching.

So, what does this mean for the future of the gig economy? It’s indicative of a rich ecosystem of on-demand workers ready to tackle any task sent their way, understanding they’ve gained the client’s confidence to complete jobs beyond their original scope successfully. These workers are finding excitement and comfort in their new day-to-day schedules, with a list of various tasks that aren’t repetitive or mundane but add variety to their workday. Their newly-diversified service offerings also mean more money in the bank as they build their clientele and take on more jobs.

Business owners, especially small and mid-sized companies that have realized the value of gig workers to fill vital roles, can leverage existing relationships with these workers and expand their responsibilities. As their businesses grow, they can lean on these well-rounded workers to take on more tasks supporting their growth and profit, adding value to the relationship. This translates to less time spent searching through online gig marketplaces searching for the perfect candidate for a single job, with a viable candidate already in their network who can accommodate the client—with both parties confident in the outcome based on past work experience. Additionally, Wage has implemented a peer rating system, similar to product reviews on Amazon, which helps build confidence for other small to mid-size business owners when selecting workers.

Wage is one such online marketplace for on-demand gig and service workers that allows users to diversify their offerings and promote various services to individuals and businesses. While many Wage users start with one offering to launch their profile, they can easily add more as their comfort grows and their reputation builds. The easy two-way communication makes it easy for them to convey new offerings to existing clients, paving the way for additional jobs and increased profit on the site.To learn more about Wage and how it supports gig workers, consumers, and small to mid-size businesses, visit

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