How The Global Pandemic Transformed The Gig Economy

How The Global Pandemic Transformed The Gig Economy
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In 2020, the gig economy grew 33% — expanding 8.25X faster than the U.S. economy as a whole


Gig Work By The Numbers

  • In the last 6 years, the gig economy has doubled in size
    • Over 1.1 billion gig workers worldwide — 55 million in the U.S.
    • In 2020, 2 million Americans tried gig work for the first time
  • By 2027, almost half of the US population will have engaged in gig work
  • The Monumental Effects Of COVID-19
    • During the pandemic, unemployment rose to 14.8%
      • 12% of the US workforce picked up gig work for the first time
  • 59% of freelancers saw a dip in income
    • 17% saw no payments from clients or contractors 
  • COVID-19 spurred the growing gig economy
    • The Growing Demand For Delivery Service
      • Delivery is one of the fastest-growing gig verticals
        • Expected to reach a total value of $200 billion by 2025
          • Growing at a rate of 10.3% each year
        • Full-time drivers make almost $50,000 a year
  • Why Delivery Services Became Popular
  • Country-wide lockdowns prevented travel
  • Concerns about the outbreak kept people indoors
  • Restaurants limited capacity or completely shut down
  • Gig Work Offers More Than Food Delivery
    • Ride-hailing (Uber, Lyft)
    • Food & groceries (DoorDash)
    • Retail products (Instacart)
    • Running errands (TaskRabbit)


34% of American workers are involved in the gig economy


Can The Gig Economy Provide A Living Wage?

  • The Nature Of Gig Work
  • What It Isn’t
        • Full-time employment
        • Obligatory labor
        • Industry-specific
  • What It Is
        • Flexible employment
        • Project-based work
        • Open to anyone at all times
  • The Benefits Of Gigs
    • Better Quality Of Life: 58% of gig workers work less than 30 hours a week
    • Higher Pay: Freelancers earn 70% more than traditionally-employed peers
    • Flexible Work Hours: 74% of freelancers chose gig work for greater flexibility
    • Available To All: High school grads earn as much as those with degrees


73% of American hiring managers are expecting to hire more gig workers post-pandemic


The Future Of Gig Work

    • 4 in 5 U.S. companies are planning to increase their use of gig workers
      • 50% of all organizations have already done so
    • 70% of gig workers find work through digital platforms
      • 65% believe a diverse clientele provides more job security than a full time job 
  • Gig Work Is Here To Stay
    • Gig work produces almost 6% of the American GDP
      • At least seven major categories
        • Home Services
          • Construction
          • Repair
          • Moving
        • Personal Services
          • Babysitting
          • Hair & Makeup
          • Personal Training
        • Computer Services
          • Data Entry
          • Phone Repair
          • Remote Work
        • Animal Care
          • Dog Walking
          • Pet Sitting
          • Bathing & Grooming
        • Event & Entertainment
          • Music & DJs
          • Bartending
          • Photography & Videography
        • Automotive
          • Detailing
          • Delivery
          • Repair
        • General Labor
          • Yard Work
          • Maintenance
          • Other Tasks
    • Freelance will play an enormous role in post-pandemic recovery


By 2027, more than 86.5 million Americans will enter the gig economy


How To Break Into The Gig Economy

  • Look For Openings
  • Ask friends which services are popular in your area
  • Check online job boards that specialize in gigs
      • Search the App Store or Google Play for the right app
  • Build Your Profile
      • Create a short bio with a professional photo
      • Provide details about your work experience
      • Verify your identity with certificate and authentication
    • Try Something New 
      • Select a wide range of services and jobs you can provide
      • Accept varied tasks to test your talents and gain experience
      • From skilled work to manual labor, it is all available
  • Do Your Best
      • Go the extra mile in all your work
      • Be warm and friendly with your gig clients
      • Dress professionally, arrive clean and tidy
  • Ask For Reviews
      • 92% of people trust word-of-mouth more than ads
      • Good ratings and reviews will help you find more gigs
      • Post photos of your work and completed projects
    • Practice Safe Habits
      • Use gig apps that offer ID verification and reviews
      • Use in-app chats to discuss specifics for each gig
  • Earn A Living Wage
    • Beware of each gig platform’s fees and take rates
    • Research platform policies before taking a gig


“A lot of really great people are increasingly looking for flexibility in their work, and a lot of them are finding it via the gig economy.” – Branden Beneschott, Cofounder & COO of Toptal


Wageapp Is An Easy Way To Try Out The Gig World

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      • Reviews & star ratings
      • In-app chat
      • And more
  • Safe, easy, and fun work — Grow your skills in a low-risk environment
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      • Animal Care
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      • General Labor

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